I added a dedicated page for the ELCI saga. While there have been a number of issues with Turtle since we bought her, most of them have been transitory and relatively easy to address (by boat standards). However, there are three “existential” issues with the boat that have been extremely difficult to resolve:

  1. The Hydronic Unit – a broken domestic water pump, a short in one of the AC heat elements, an unresponsive touch screen, and pinhole leaks in the burn compartment. The unit we got was a lemon. ITR and North Pacific provided a replacement, but it took three years and dozens of hours of my time to sort it out. Resolved.
  2. The ELCI issues – this is an issue because the boat can lose shore power at any time and, if we’re not checking in on it, kill the batteries. We can’t leave anything on on the boat without risking this. Open.
  3. Gelcoat issues – We continue to find cracks and chips on the gelcoat, and are also seeing widespread discoloration as the boat ages. North Pacific has paid to fix most of the cracks (though InFocus Marine disappeared without completing the job and ran off with my gelcoat – recommend avoiding them, they won’t return my calls or emails). We don’t have any leads on the discoloration. Open.