Raw Water Pump

I finished replacing the raw water pump on the generator. I don’t usually leave jobs half done, but I ran out of time and came […]

Inverter Case Ground

The ABYC specification for inverter/charger wire gauge changed since my Magnum Inverter/Charger was installed. Case grounds need to be bigger to handle various worst case […]


I added a dedicated page for the ELCI saga. While there have been a number of issues with Turtle since we bought her, most of […]

New Hydronic

Nothing is ever easy… We spent Wednesday and Saturday swapping out the old hydronic unit with a new one from ITR. The job took way […]


I swapped the aft ELCI breaker with a replacement sent by BlueSea. Once I got one of the senior technicians on the phone, he said […]

Hood Canal 2022

We just finished our annual Christmas trip. We always have our share of challenging weather on winter cruises, and this year was no exception. We […]