The ABYC specification for inverter/charger wire gauge changed since my Magnum Inverter/Charger was installed. Case grounds need to be bigger to handle various worst case overload scenarios. Emerald Harbor Marine made me a new cable, but installed it on a painted surface, so it wouldn’t have done much good. Following some guidance from Viking Marine, I flipped the case ground bolt around so the nut was outside the case, giving me enough clearance to attach the ground wire where it has good contact with the metal of the case. I left the old wire on as well.

While I was in the inverter case, I tightened down the AC connections and inspected for any sign of moisture or other issues, but it seemed clean and dry, with no sign of past condensation (one of my theories for ELCI trips). Since I had all the power shut down, I tested a few outlets for leaks between the hot and ground and neutral and ground, but there were none. I’m still a noob when it comes electrical, but I followed a procedure from one of Calder’s books, so I’m pretty sure I got it right.