In 2023, we put 105 hours on the main (from 404 hours to 509) over 19 different destinations. I always forget to reset the trip odometer, but I estimate we covered about 650 nautical miles. Maintenance-wise, we swapped the aft ELCI breaker, replaced the ITR Chinook Hydronic boiler, upgraded the inverter case ground, replaced the main fresh water pump, repaired a leak in the cockpit shower, replaced the transom door latch, replaced the hot water heater, mounted the Starlink dish on the brow, installed a Siren boat monitoring system, replaced the raw water pump on the generator, and – somehow – eliminated the water hammer in the fresh water system.

This year’s trip down Hood Canal to Alderbrook was one of our most relaxing. The weather was mild and everything on the boat functioned well. This was our seventh Christmas trip by boat to the resort, so we fell into a comfortable routine. Unlike past years, there was no inclement weather – and even the super tide was a mild inconvenience – currents on the bow and lots of logs in the water. We made our return trip in one long 10 hour day, both departing and arriving in the dark.

Once I got back and powered down the hydronic, I noticed the overflow tank was empty, making me worried about leaks in the burn chamber again. But, as a 50/50 mix of ethylene glycol and water, it’s conceivable that 10-straight days of running would lead to some evaporation. Though, the system is mostly sealed… Something to watch. There was gunk on the lid of the overflow tank, suggesting some of the water had evaporated away, but I am nervous.