CSR wrapped up in a little over three weeks. I was super happy with their service and professionalism – especially Carly, the project manager. She kept me in the loop, sent me pics, etc. It wasn’t cheap, but they did a thorough job and got me back in the water fast, during a very busy time.

The Good

  • The leak is fixed and the bottom was thoroughly cleaned and prepped

The Bad

  • I’m still seeing water in the laz bilge and under the generator – so it’s getting in somewhere else.

The Ugly

  • The source of my hydronic leak is inside the Hurricane unit itself. Will need to take it apart to find the source. This is a go-to-Blaine-and-work-with-Dave thing.
  • Water is getting inside the pilothouse door. I will reseal the handle and latch mechanism and see if that fixes it.