I removed, cleaned, remounted, and resealed the port door hardware. The handles and the latch were all attached with adhesive, so if the leak is here it’s either in the screw holes or in the actual lock mechanism. It will take a year before I know whether this repair fixed the issue (a full dry cycle and then back into the rainy season with enough water to find its way in).

Summer Cruising Notes

We spend a lot of time in Manzanita. We can get from our house to the anchorage, with a hot pizza, in about two hours. But, it gets a little repetitive. Last weekend, we pushed through the narrows down to Penrose Point State Park. It’s a five hour cruise, assuming we time the currents right, but the water was 65 degrees (Manzanita was 54, and Lake Washington is still only 58!) and there weren’t that many boats. The anchorage had good holding with a sandy, rocky bottom, but is exposed to the north. There are mooring balls, but not all are rated for 45’ boats and the two we found were too close together. Regardless, we found a spot, the sun was hot, the water was warm and clear, and this was some of the best Salish Sea swimming we’ve had.

This was our second visit to Penrose and it’s becoming one of our favorite summer destinations. There are lots of shoals here, so follow the charts and don’t high-center your dinghy on a rock.