We’re done with commissioning. We met with Dave yesterday to go over things. The hydronic is done! We have unlimited hot water and five zone heat. It’s a beautiful unit.

Dave also worked out an innovative solution to get the hydronic hot water playing nicely with the 11-gallon domestic hot water tank and the engine heat exchanger loop.

We also made some quality of life upgrades.

The water maker is working and we made 50 gallons yesterday as a test. We replaced the undersized nylon line on the rode with 150’ of chain for a full 500’ of chain. The weight made no difference to how the boat rides in the water and there’s plenty of room in the chain locker. We also got some hoses for the washdowns and a thousands other small things.

There were several items on the commissioning list we didn’t get done – we just ran out of time. We never plumbed the BBQ and there are a few cabinet latches that need to be fixed. Lots of small things we can figure out once we get to a new home port.

We’re departing Blaine for the San Juans this morning. Still lots of stuff to get organized. But, we’re officially casting off for the next couple of weeks.

This blog is intended as a document of the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the boat – not as a cruising blog. But, some cruising stuff may leak over.