Dave is getting ready to install the hydronic heat. The main unit will go on the port side underneath the galley. I like it there so the exhaust will vent to port (since we’re generally a starboard-tie boat) and away from the dock.

Hydronic works by heating fluid and pumping it around the boat to a set of exchangers (that look tiny radiators and fans). Each core is controlled by it’s own thermostat, so we’ll have five independently-heated zones on the boat. The system also has heat exchangers for the engine (so engine heat provides cabin heat) and the fresh water (so, if the heat is on we also have hot water – the normal hot water heater only runs off shore power or the generator). The hydronic will also provide heated defrost for the pilot house windows.

Very excited to see the system installed!

Took a bunch more random pictures of things that I didn’t recognize or wanted to remember for other reasons….