Went smoothly. The pump makes it easy. Pretty straight forward job after all my consternation about parts sourcing.


  • Before starting, clean the surface of the transmission, especially around the filter housing and dipstick to keep grit and other stuff from getting into fluid.
  • Lay out petroleum soaks. Don’t be stingy with them.
  • Ball valve for oil pump is under the forward starboard engine mount. It’s not really visible. Need to reach under mount to open and close. Found it by tracing line.
  • Paint chipped off around filter opening – remember to clean thoroughly so no pieces get inside. Need to source some new paint to prevent corrosion.
  • Same issue with ATF bottles. Make sure to carefully remove the foil top and keep pieces out of fluid. May be good to have a screened funnel. 
  • Small gasket is hard to remove. Used can opener hook on multi-tool
  • Torque wrench needs to be put away on lowest setting (torqued filter housing to spec)
  • Pink fluid is hard to see on orange dipstick
  • Only added about 5.25 qts (against a capacity of 5.8) So the rest must be up in the plumbing somewhere. Will check again after actually engaging the transmission for a bit. Then, hopefully good for another 300 hours.