Chris from North Pacific came out to our marina in Kitsap for a maintenance day. While he couldn’t find any obvious leak, he reassembled all of the connections to the boiler. Since it was only leaking a small amount, we’ll have to run it for a while to see if this addresses it. He also replaced a faulty heater fan and a couple of broken ducts. He also re-bed the screws in the pilothouse horn and replaced the gasket on the port fuel tank site gauge.

While on the trip, I got al little frustrated with all of the little bugs and hassles, but these are truly minor shakedown issues compared to some boats. We have about 80 hours on the main now – and ran the hydronic for 10 days straight – so it’s not surprising that things are settling in. Most of my stress was because I was doing the work… but the boat is under warranty. Trevor told me to just write everything down and send it to him and he would take care of it. And, he did! Very pleased with the service by Chris and North Pacific.

We got our MMSI from the FCC and I programmed it into the AIS transponder and one of the VHF radios. I still can’t see us on Marine Traffic, though it says it’s broadcasting.

The Christmas trip was wonderful.