I got the blinds installed n the pilothouse. The valence here isn’t as deep, so I was able to get a drill in there to create a pilot hole. In some places the screws are hitting fiberglass, which they can’t pierce, and so push the facing wood away (unfortunately, some of the blinds in the Salon I left like this.). For the pilothouse, I was able to drill into the fiberglass which allows the screws to set flush.

If the blinds in the salon don’t hold (because the screws didn’t pierce the fiberglass), I’ll go back and find a way to drill a deeper pilot hole.

The remaining blinds will go below. I’ve already discovered that, because of how the portholes sit on the hull (and how the valences are laid out), some of the blinds won’t work. So, we’ll probably sew some custom sunbrella covers with elastic sides that we can put on these windows. These would be in the heads and the kids’ room. I think the master suite blinds will work great, but we’ll need something for the bow hatch.